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Winko! Blinko! Mr. Plinko works @ UMES

  • Friday, November 4, 2016

    UMES staffer wins on traveling “Price is Right” 

    Jeremy Townsend - Oct. 16, 2016PRINCESS ANNE, MD - (Nov. 4,  2016) - I grew up watching “The Price is Right” on TV, so I bought four tickets to attend the traveling “Live” version of the show Oct. 16 at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center in Salisbury. I was joking with my wife, Kathy, my brother, Josh, and his girlfriend, Sheri, about how I was planning to go on stage and play Plinko - one of my favorite games on the show.

    I couldn't believe when my name actually showed up on the board of “next contestants on the Price is Right!”

    The item I successfully bid on was an Epiphone guitar and amplifier combination. I play music for the Sunday service at my church, so I had an idea about the value. I was up against three other contestants, but luckily, was the last bidder in line. This gave me an advantage, because I knew what the others had bid - $649, $730 and $760.

    I was thinking they were probably worth at least $800. Not wanting to go over, I used a common show tactic and placed a bid for $761 to be the highest (but conservative) bidder and sure enough the actual retail value of the items was $899.

    I ended up on stage, where I was questioned by the show's host, Todd Newton, who coaxed out of me that I have a twin brother and the funny things that can happen being a twin.  After a few minutes of banter and laughter from the crowd, he told me I would be playing Plinko. It really felt like a dream at that point.

    I was given one chip to play the game and earned an additional two Plinko chips after correctly identifying which numbers were right in the corresponding household items I was challenged to price.

    My first chip got stuck just after takeoff from the top of the board. I was given that chip back and tried again, but it ended up landing in the $0 position. My second chip was worth $200 and my third and final chip landed right in the middle at the bottom of the board to take the top dollar amount of $500.

    The crowd erupted in cheers. I had won a total of $700 and had a great time playing. It was a thrill to “come on down.” And I have the pictures to prove it.

    -- Jeremy Townsend, UMES webmaster