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WMDT: UMES celebrates its rich Black history

  • Monday, February 27, 2012

    Princess Anne, Md. - (Feb 24, 2012) University of Maryland Eastern Shore takes pride in (its) rich Black History and (has) been bringing in notable speakers and alumni to inspire students.

    Eldon Hayman is one of five generations to attend UMES since 1894. His nephew, Joseph Hayman, graduated from the school in 1975. They both took part in a presentation highlighting the historic rivalry between UMES and Morgan State College, and were elated to come back to a school that has such strong ties to their family history.

    "Oh, it means so much to me. My parents - my father especially stressed education, if you want to move forward in life. This education is the reason why I was successful," said Eldon. "I'm always excited to be at the center of the visionary families that created the university here, or were instrumental in the charter of the school," said Joseph.

    Students in attendance were amazed.

    "Me being a first generation to this campus, it was interesting to see a different perspective of the long legacy of the pride that they had," said Vicente Hernandez, a junior at UMES.

    "It was pretty interesting just to see how many generations of Haymans attended the school and how much of an impact they had," said Ivy Mathews, a junior at UMES.

    Campus historian and archivist Eric Jodlbauer explains the importance for students to look back and understand how everything started. "Our rivalry with Morgan State comes from the beginning of the founding of our school. We were actually founded by what ended up becoming Morgan State College."

    "The trustees of that school are the ones that were involved with starting this school, so our relationship and rivalry comes down to the very beginning of this school. We all are a product of our shared past - it's important that anybody knows the history of where they're at and where they come from, particularly in an educational environment," Jodlbauer said.

    This article was posted  Feb 24, 2012 5:54 PM EST on the WMDT-TV news website along with a video clip.